Penn House is a 501 C3 Non-profit.
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Penn House is the product of one of the greatest collaborations in Lawrence history. The city determined to build Penn House in a single day, and through intense planning and cooperative effort, they succeeded. Such an effort, coupled with the determination to make something special, not only created the iconic building that still serves more than 50 people each day, but a tradition.

Penn House charges nothing for the services it offers. We exist entirely through donations and grants. The wealth of goods offered to individuals and families in crisis each day is obtainable free of charge. We are unique in Lawrence in the quality and variety of clothing, shoes, kitchen and household items made available to anyone in need.

There is a wide variety of programs and services available to those in crisis, helping to serve our mission of stabilizing families. We recognize that many of the residents of Lawrence and Douglas County are one problem away from devastation. Penn House wants to help those who are struggling, to see them through a crisis. Penn House wants to offer a reason to hope for those who have no hope.

To this end, we offer a variety of programs and services.

Professional Closet

There is a closet of professional attire for job seekers or those looking for work- appropriate clothing.
Clothing Pantry

Penn House offers clothing, undergarments, socks, shoes, coats and jackets all year round for men, women and children.

Pots, pans, plates, dishes, silverware, glasses, and an occasional microwave or toaster oven help families restock their homes.
“Quality of Life”

items. Books, games, children’s toys, pictures, and other items that make one’s house a home can be found, also.
Senior Commodities

Boxes of nutritious food are available each month to seniors who meet income guidelines.
Mobile Food Pantry

Ten times each year, a truckload of fresh food is distributed to anyone in need.
Emergency Funds

Emergency rent and utility assistance is available on a limited basis to those who meet eligibility requirements.
There are also programs which are offered on a seasonal or intermittent basis.